From her first breath,


Patricia was destined to have food as a big part of her life. Raised in a traditional Greek family, she was surrounded by food right from her parents restaurants. They had a toddler bed in the restaurant's office with toys and a mini-television to keep her entertained during lunch time. However, she couldn't sit still and always hassled the employees to let her help.


 It was at that moment she began her career in the food industry. The employees would tie an apron on her which of course needed to be wrapped around twice to fit her little body. Then, they would lift her onto a wood crate which had several telephone books on top so she could reach the counter. From there she began her first job, at the age of four, serving soft drinks and iced tea.



Patricia is first generation Greek-American born and raised in Houston, Texas... yes, it may seem like a strange combination to be Greek and Texan, however, she is proud of both. She gained her passion and knowledge for food throughout the years from her appreciation of working in the family's restaurants. Growing up, she spent the majority of her summers in the south of Greece (Falanthi Village-Kalamata), where the family also owns an olive orchard, watching her grandmother and aunts prepare rustic dishes. This was one of the ingredient's to stirring up her interest about Greek food.


From an early age, Patricia worked in her parents restaurants taking orders, cleaning pots and pans and eventually working her way up to preparing a variety of meals for their customers. She was very lucky in that she grew up right in the middle of the "FOOD" industry learning what it takes to run a restaurant. She understands what it takes to cater major events and most importantly how to prepare different types of dishes.


Per her father's wishes to experience work outside the family's business, post-college, where she earned a Master's in International Business, she accepted a position at one of the largest banks in the U.S. managing a half a billion dollar portfolio. While working in the banking sector, she realized that her heart lies in the food industry and made the decision to return back to the family business.



Over the years, Patricia has had a tremendous teacher at her disposal...her MOM. Her mother taught her everything about the spectacular flavors and techniques of Greek cooking and is the root to Patricia's major food influences. "My mother is an amazing inspiration and continues to be my greatest influence in the kitchen. Her in-depth knowledge about the GREEK cuisine has played a big role in my understanding on how to take traditional Greek recipes in new directions," says Patricia.


Besides continuing to advance her career as a chef and caterer, Patricia has also been inspired to share just how fresh, healthy, authentic and incredibly delicious Greek food is through the media. Her love and knowledge of Greek cooking motivated her to begin the creation of a new Greek cooking series which will be shot at some of the most spectacular locations throughout Greece and the Greek islands.


Patricia, her husband and son split their time between the United States and Greece.

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